At FishHawk Early Learning Center we have options for children from three months of age up to fourth grade. In addition to our learning programs, we offer other outside activities through providers such as Soccer Shots™.


Within each day of a toddler’s life, good feelings about themselves as well as developmental growth must occur. It is important that they have a program that provides an atmosphere for each individual child’s needs to develop communication skills as well as thinking and experimenting.

The transformation from the infant stage to toddler is an emotional time for a child. We will challenge each child through programs that are specifically chosen for their individual needs. Toddlers are very active. They need to explore, touch and learn through a vast variety of programs.

Each child will be challenged in six major skill categories consisting of Fine motor, Social/emotional, gross motor, Language, Intellectual and Self-care/independence. A comfortable predictable environment will be provided to help make this distinct time special for each individual.


Three programs are offered:

  • Full Day
  • Half Day (8:00-12:00)
  • Extended Day (8:00-2:00)

All children will be challenged to develop fundamental foundations at their ability level that will help them be better prepared for future reading, writing and other academic pursuits. Group activities involving art, music and physical coordination will help your child develop social confidence. Centers that allow individual play and interpretation in small groups will assist your child in development of motivational skills.

Voluntary Pre-K Program

FishHawk Early Learning Center has been approved by the state of Florida to be a designated provider of the Voluntary Pre-K Program (VPK). Children eligible for this program are those who have turned 4 years of age by August 31st of the current school year.

In our VPK classes, children enjoy daily experiences and opportunities which help them grow and prepare for success in kindergarten. Our curriculum is designed to enhance the age appropriate program of children in all domains of development identified by the Department of Education, which include: Physical Health, Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional, Language and Communication, Emergent Literacy, Cognitive and Motor Development.

After School Program

We offer an after school program as well as a summer camp for students who attend the local schools grades Kindergarten through 4th grade.

When the students arrive at our school they will receive a snack. They then will have a half an hour to an hour study hall to complete homework assignments. Teachers and aids will be there to provide guidance. If a student has no homework they may visit our game room, arts and crafts, or read a book from the library. After study hall, planned outdoor activities will be a fun time for students to enjoy the playground.

In addition to our after school program, all children who are enrolled may be dropped off prior to school in the morning and will be walked over to school. Holidays and summer vacation days can be converted into full day programs and the students will have full day activities scheduled.

We will always maintain a greater teacher/child ratio
than the state requires.