Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Hurricane Policy at FishHawk Early Learning Center?

It is our procedure to follow Hillsborough County School Board (HCSB) recommendations for school closures as they apply to the safety of the children. If the HCSB closes schools for our children’s safety, then it is our policy that we will close as well. If our public schools close to be used as shelters for evacuees from other counties, rather than for our children’s safety, we will remain open. We will also have a message on our telephone indicating our intention to close if HCSB makes such a decision.


What is your Student to Teacher Ratio?

At FishHawk Early Learning Center your child’s education comes first. We meet or exceed all state requirements for staff education or certification. Our lead teachers hold a Degreed Teaching Certificate or Florida Child Care Credential. Staff experience averages 10 plus years in Early Childhood education or care.

We have less than 10% turnover of our staff, compared to the 60% average in the industry.

Student Teach Ratios
Age Number of Teachers Number of Children Maximum Children in Classroom







6 (other centers allow 12)




11 (other centers allow 22)




15 (other centers allow 30)




15 (other centers allow 36)





What is FHELC's Educational Philosophy?

The focus of the FishHawk Early Learning Center involves two levels of development for each child. One is to provide an atmosphere that allows children to develop a positive self-image that will enhance their confidence. The Second is to provide meaningful activities that aid in the development of tactile stimulation, manipulative play, and art and music. Through activity and curiosity children learn a great deal. It is important that they learn and develop by using materials and problems that are appropriate for their stage of development. A daily activity of learning combined with play will stimulate and positively develop a child’s intellect, emotion and imagination. We at the Early Learning Center feel the most important ingredient in matching the proper learning level with the proper stage of development will nurture the most confident, positive self-image.

Where can I find more information on the VPK program in Hillsborough County?

This information can be found at the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County website

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Where can I find information on FHELC's facilities inspections?

This information can be found on the Hillsborough County Website or by clicking the links below, which you link you to the inspection scores for both sites:

FHELC-1 Inspections

What other activities are available at FHELC?

We offer several different opportunities to help your child grow physically and to provide educational entertainment:

  • Soccer Shots
  • Dance
  • Local Theater Plays

*Note* These opportunities are not included in the cost of tuition and are sometimes not available as they are provided by qualified 3rd parties