FishHawk Early Learning Center is a special place. We understand that this is a time in your child’s life for growing, exploring, and learning. Here at FHELC, your child will find a fulfilling mixture of activity and interaction contrasted with quiet story times and rest periods. We will challenge and develop their small and large motor skills with manipulatives and outdoor play equipment. They will develop sensory motor experiences through art and music. They will be encouraged to develop their intellectual, creative, and social abilities through group playing and use of our center. We will provide each child with a warm caring environment where each child is made to feel special.

In addition to our standard programs, we also offer soccer shots, dance, and plays to help your child grow. For a small fee, your child can experience these extra activities at the school.  Also, from time to time the children will have the opportunity to attend plays that are put on by local theater companies.

We invite and encourage you to participate in your child’s early childhood education. When parents participate, the child feels the experience is special and an important part of their daily life. Working together, we can help your child grow and thrive!

In addition to stimulating their minds with academics, during the year we offer many extracurricular activities:


  • Soccer Shots
  • Dance
  • Local Theater Plays